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The web site includes the online store, which is the electronic presence of the company named "BANTOUNAS NIKOLAOS" (hereinafter "the Company") and the distinctive title "BADOUNAS watch-jewel" or "BADOUNAS jewelry" (VAT number 106177317 Tax Office of Tripoli -Registration number Chamber of Commerce 029173714000). The Company's registered office is at Tripoli, Arcadia, at Ethnikis Antistaseos Street 30, and Mr. Bantounas Nikolaos (tel. +302710226340 & fax +302710226305) is the contact person. The Company makes every effort to provide its customers with the most effective service. The creation of this e-shop signifies the launch of a form of advanced communication between the Company and its customers. The online shop is designed for all Internet users who want to be informed immediately on the services and products offered by our Company, either by our own manufacture or as a reseller of these from suppliers with whom it cooperates, in combination with the possibility making purchases through the online store, then remotely online order, always subject to the sufficiency of the Company's inventory.

Before you enter the online store and browse our site, we invite you to consult the following terms and conditions, which apply specifically to the use of the Company's online store. Make sure you agree to the following terms and conditions because your transaction with us through the above is governed by the following terms and your transaction with us implies acceptance of these terms. These terms are fully compatible with the current European (Directive 2011/83 / EU) and Greek law (Law 2251/1994). In the event of a dispute or reservation of part or all of these terms, you may send your relevant email at [email protected] before you navigate or execute the transaction, otherwise acceptance of all terms by you is unconditional.

  1. TERMS

The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew the present terms and conditions of transactions made through its online store.  The Company undertakes to inform the users of any modifications as well as of any change through the website of this e-shop, but also the visitors / users have the responsibility to check periodically whether any changes have been made to these terms of use. Changed or Modified Terms of Use shall enter into force at the time of their publication on that Website. Any modification or change does not apply and does not affect already placed orders. E-shop contracts are made in English, which you state you understand (writing and reading). It is forbidden to use the e-shop by minors or by persons lacking legal capacity.

Upon entering you, you declare that you are an adult and you have legal capacity, and you are committed to not permit the use of your information and passwords by minors or by persons lacking legal capacity. If such use is made of your data and codes, you are responsible. For this reason, please observe the basic rules of online transaction security.


The Company is committed to the completeness and validity of the information listed on, as to the existence of the essential features described, where appropriate, for each product it has, subject to any technical or typographical errors that have been avoided or have occurred inadvertently or due to any downtime of the site due to force majeure.


The presentation for sale of the products and services on has the character of an invitation to users to submit a contract proposal and such presentation is not in any way a commitment of the company to the availability and the adequacy of the products and services claimed (Article 127 et seq.  (Greek) Civil Code). Therefore, the Company can not guarantee the availability of the products displayed at the time of your order due to the parallel operation and the physical shop of the company in Tripoli, Arkadia. However, it is committed to informing consumers in good time of their unavailability.

The Company is liable only for gross negligence and willful misconduct in the event of delay in the delivery of the ordered products and for information it provides through its website. The online store of the Company is not responsible for any technical problems that may arise to users when they attempt to access the site or during their visit to it and are related to the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure using of the website. Furthermore, the Company does not bear any responsibility for acts or omissions of third parties and in particular unfair third party interventions in products and / or services and / or information available through its online store. Where this website contains references to third-party websites, is not responsible for the content of these pages and for any damage or damage that may result from their use as the visitor it has access to them exclusively at its own discretion and responsibility.


Users of the e-shop site accept and commit that they will not use the Company's online store for sending, publishing, and generally by any means transmitting an illegal, harmful, threatening, racist, offensive, annoying, slanderous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous or harmful to minors content. This content is not allowed to be retransmitted in accordance with laws and regulations. In addition, must be visited and transacted through it for personal and private use and solely for legitimate purposes and in a manner that does not restrict or impede its use by third parties. The visitor is obliged to use the site in accordance with the law, the good morals and the present terms, and not to commit any acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunctioning or affect or endanger the provision of the services of the website Users are not entitled to transmit inside information and confidential information obtained or disclosed as part of a business relationship or covered by confidentiality agreements or information infringing any patent, trademark and copyright, copyright or other proprietary rights of third parties.  Finally, users may not invade and install software viruses or any other code, file or program designed to interrupt, damage, destroy or interfere with the operation of any software or computer hardware intentionally or unintentionally, because any such action violates applicable Greek and Community legislation and its provisions. Furthermore, users are not permitted, by visiting the Company's website to harass third parties in any way and in any content, or to use the site to collect or store user personal data.


The website is the official online store of the company BANTOUNAS NIKOLAOS. All the content of the web site posted by the Company, including images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts, services and products, are intellectual property of the Company and are protected under the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions for intellectual and industrial property. Consequently, none of these elements of our site may be sold, copied, reproduced, modified, transmitted, republished or distributed in any way or in any mean, in whole or in part, unless the Company consents in writing in the following terms.

It is forbidden in any way to mislead the public about the true recipient of the content of this website.

Any reproduction, re-issue, upload, announcement, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the content in any way or mean for commercial or other purposes is permitted only upon prior written permission of the Company or any other copyright holder. Exceptionally, the individual storage of a single copy or portion of content selected from the digital content of the website is permitted on a personal computer solely for personal and not public or commercial use and always without the deletion of data demonstrating the originate from this site

Names, Signs, Images, Logos and Distinguishing Features that represent third parties and their products or services are trademarks of or third parties, protected by the relevant trademark and commercial and industrial property laws. Their appearance on the website should in no way be construed as a transfer or assignment of a license or right to use them. Therefore, the Company is not liable for any liability arising out of the use by third parties of any of the foregoing third party trademarks and distinctive features.


The Company, as the controller of the data contained on this website, informs its visitors that the processing of the personal data provided (hereinafter "data") is done in writing, by electronic or telecommunication means, in order to provide the requested service. In order to process your transactions in our online store and also to have direct contact with you, it is possible that some personal information, such as your full name, e-mail address, etc. will be requested. If you wish to purchase products from our online store via credit card, you will be asked for details such as the holder's name, card number, expiration date and CVV number.

Personal information of users sent electronically to our website remains confidential and is not transmitted or disclosed to third parties. They may be communicated to employees who are used by the data controller of the site and whom they have assigned their services, as well as to data officers and administrators to whom the editing controller has delivered an updated list of the data on the site. Website users are not required to provide their personal data. However, if they do not, the requested service may be blocked.

At any time, the users of the site reserve the right to check their personal data and to correct, renew or delete them, as well as to exercise the rights provided by the provisions of Law 2472/1997. By strictly following the principles of personal data protection provided by applicable laws and international conventions, will not make any unauthorized use of your personal information without prior authorization.

Recorded data in the file may be communicated to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities at the lawful request of those authorities and in accordance with the relevant legislation in force. Finally, under the Telecommunications Privacy Act, you have the rights to information and objection provided for in Articles 11 to 13 of Law 2472/1997.

By registering your details on our site you declare that you allow the company BADOUNAS jewelry to communicate with you, through all available electronic means for the purposes of sales promotion, marketing, updates, offers, branding, contests and gifts.

Like most websites, uses alphanumeric identification files, so-called cookies. Cookies are necessary files to facilitate specific functions of our online store as they ensure its smooth and uninterrupted operation. Cookies are small harmless files (Text files), which are temporarily sent and stored on the user's computer by allowing online pages such as to communicate with the user by identifying them after frequent using and facilitating access to it and its transactions. This is accomplished by collecting data, which also optimizes the content of our website.


The Company recognizes the importance of the security of your Personal Data and your electronic transactions and takes all the necessary measures, using the most up-to-date and advanced methods, to ensure maximum security. All information that relates to your personal information and your transactions is secure and confidential. The uses the standard SSL encryption protocol with 256-bit encryption.

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate validates the authenticity of the website and encrypts the information that online visitors send and receive from it. Whenever a user provides confidential information (codes, credit card numbers, etc.), a secure connection is created with the user's browser ensuring that no third party will have access to them.

By using an SSL certificate, personal-client-visitor data is protected and online transactions are secured with them. This creates a credible place where customers feel secure.

During the data exchange process through the secure connection offered by SSL, the information being transferred is encrypted. The encryption engine converts the information into a format that can be recognized only by the appropriate decryption key. Thus, no third source, without the required authorization, can read or intercept the data being transferred.

- A padlock appears on the browser's address bar indicating that the site is secure.

- The URL of a secure site starts with https instead of http. The letter s denotes security, security.


The Company makes every effort to provide high quality services and products. However, errors can not be ruled out in prices and secondary product features and it can not be ensured that there will be no interruption of the website or "human" errors when updating / listing the price of a product. F or security and market efficiency, we invite you if you find out that a product is offered at an abnormally low or high price compared to its normal market value before proceeding with its order to contact the Company at the Call Center +302710-226340 or via an electronic mail [email protected] or via the live chat icon.

The website is the online store of the company "BANTOUNAS NIKOLAOS" that manufactures jewelry-specific orders as well as cooperates with a variety of suppliers, importers and manufacturers (foreign and domestic) to bring to you a a very wide range of products and even at the best possible prices. Therefore, although we take every possible measure for the availability of our products as it appears on, there is a possibility that a product that is being viewed on it is not available or not available within the time tradition, for reasons outside of our sphere of influence. For this reason and in order to fully inform you and protect you from unforeseen circumstances, the orders are completed as follows:

  1. SEND REQUEST FOR ORDER - You can browse our online store, freely select the products of your choice and place them in your shopping cart. Then, following the "steps" that are indicated to you at any time, you will need to forward your request for order to our Company. In order to better serve you and facilitate your future purchases on your first order, you can register as a user at, filling in all of your personal information requested in the corresponding registration form. You can place an order without registering as a user at but complete this as a simple visitor, according to the "steps" indicated to you. All of the data sent to our Company fall under the strict Privacy Policy maintained by our Company and are collected and processed with complete security and diligence and only upon your express consent to the delivery of the above form. In any case, whenever you submit a request for order to our Company, you must first accept the present terms of use governing the transactions between us as a whole as set out in Article 1 above. You are also responsible for the correctness and legality of your above data, which our Company knows only on your statement.

By sending your request to order, you will receive an automated message that includes the details of the order request that our Company receives and which will be sent to you and the email address you have declared. All your requests are received by us subject to the availability check of the products included in your order request (which is checked after the start of the processing step following your request). At the stage of receiving your request and automatically viewing the content of your order request, your request has not yet been processed by our company.

  1. PROCESSING REQUEST FOR ORDER - If your order request is sent to us from 9.00 to 21.00 on a working day and time (from Monday to Friday) then you will receive a prompt message at the email address you have stated that your request is being processed by our Company. Otherwise you will receive this message within the next business day. When processing your request, the availability of all products that includes your order request is checked. Our Company will contact you either with a message at email and / or the telephone number you have given us to arrange with you for any modification, correction or cancellation of your order. If your contact can not be reached within 2 days of sending your request, your request will be canceled automatically and you will have to send a new request again to us. In any case, any new order (modified or not) will be sent to you again with a new email or / and the phone you have declared, and this message will also be the confirmation of your order under which your order  will be executed. The shipment of the products will then take place based on the delivery schedule of our partner courier company.
  1. If there is availability of all the products included in your request within the delivery time stated in our online store then you will be sent a message to the e-mail address and / or telephone number that you have indicated that will confirm your order and will include all the elements of this. The shipment of the products will then take place based on the delivery schedule of our partner courier company.
  2. In the event that one/more of the items you placed in the order is not available and / or a product will be available after the delivery time listed in our online store, then our Company will contact you either with a message at email and / or the telephone number you have given us to arrange with you for any modification, correction or cancellation of your order. If your contact can not be reached within 2 days of sending your request, your request will be canceled automatically and you will have to send a new request again to us. In any case, any new order (modified or not) will be sent to you again with a new email or / and the phone you have declared, and this message will also be the confirmation of your order under which your order  will be executed. The shipment of the products will then take place based on the delivery schedule of our partner courier company.
  1. Our Company may contact you via e-mail and / or message on the phone you have given us during your registration and / or via our live chat website throughout and up to the delivery of your order to you for any matter relating to the receipt, processing, execution and / or transfer of your order and / or payment and / or return of the products or for anything else. The parties agree that such communication (by e-mail and / or message to the telephone you have declared us and / or by any appropriate means (live chat)) also covers the legal requirements for your written information, notification, confirmation of your order where and when the law requires it. If you wish to express your objections, or provide you with any clarification about the content of a message you have received in the above, or for any other reason, you may contact us either by emailing us and / or by directing us via call center +302710-226340.

Your phone orders are only executed via our call center at +302710226340. For phone orders, the terms and conditions applicable are the same we place on the online market of the product. Please be advised that for security purposes of the transaction and its agreed terms your phone call will be recorded. for security purposes and your agreed terms.


All prices presented on our website in two ways: for purchases within Greece, they include 24% VAT and all legal taxes, for purchases within or outside EU, they do not include VAT and taxes. These prices relate to the quantities available in our warehouse, while reserves the right to adjust prices, especially due to the nature of the items sold from our online store, namely gold , metals, etc., where their value is constantly changing. Due to the nature of certain goods (ex. wedding rings or products made to order by the consumer) that their price can not reasonably be determined in advance, the Company undertakes to inform you before the completion of your order for its height. For payments with installments via credit cards, the amount of the monthly installment is the division of the product's price by the number of installments you have selected, with no extra interest.


We are committed that due to the 50 years history of the Company and the credibility that characterizes its transactions, the product you receive will be exactly as presented on our website with the exact descriptive features and will be accompanied by a Company quality guarantee or guarantee of its Supplier. If, however, you wish to withdraw from the contract, you have the right within 14 calendar days of receipt of your order, after you have completed and sent either by e-mail to  [email protected]. or along with all your order documents, the withdrawal form at the end of this legal notice. A prerequisite for the exercise of the right to withdraw within 14 calendar days is that the product has not been worn over the test and has not suffered any damage, which can easily be ascertained and judged by the qualified staff of the Company, the product you are returning it has not been made on request due to unavailability, no modification of the available product has been requested, no special order has been made (ex wedding rings, names) or it has not been purchased at a special price due to a bid, the product must be returned with all the contents / accompanying documents in the shipping envelope, they are not removed / manipulated the special security badge of our company, the product with all its parts, the packaging, the warranty, the operating manuals, the proof of purchase / invoice or whatever else was included in the original shipment of the product. If the product was accompanied by a gift, it should be returned with it. Also, all items should be returned to their best condition without undue defects, complete and in their packaging (for items received in a special package, ex fragile products should be returned within the special packaging), at the end they should be returned only by the shipping company that we cooperate with and from which you receive your order and incur the direct cost of returning the products. We would like to make sure that the packaging of the shipment is safe so that it does not cause any damage during the transport of the product, because the Company does not bear any liability in the event of its loss or destruction. Products that are returned and do not meet the above terms and conditions for returning products will not be accepted. Also, the consumer is liable for any reduction in the value of the goods only as a result of the management of the goods other than that necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods (Article 3i § 2 of Joint Ministerial Decision Z1-891 / 13 -06-2013). Once the product is returned and we confirm the satisfaction of the above terms we will refund your money within 14 days. It goes without saying that the Company does not bear any responsibility for any harm and damage to the products after their use and under no circumstances is it required to be replaced.

Also, you are not entitled to a withdrawal in the case of ordering products that have been specially made for you, that is, the characteristics that you have given to the Company for the creation of unique jewelry and ordering of wedding rings made exclusively for you, and finally in the cases of Article 3ib of Law.2251 / 94 and in any other case provided for by law or by this act in accordance with the law. Indicatively, you are not entitled to a withdrawal also in the following cases: (a) service contracts after full service, if the execution commenced with the prior express consent of the consumer, and by his acknowledgment that he would lose his right of withdrawal, as soon as the contract is fully executed by the supplier, (b) the supply of goods or the provision of services the price of which is subject to fluctuations in the money market which can not be controlled by the supplier and which may occur within the withdrawal period, (c) the supply of goods manufactured in accordance with consumer specifications or clearly personalized, (d) the supply of sealed goods which are not suitable for return for reasons of health or hygiene and which have been unsealed after delivery, (e) the supply of goods which, after the delivery, by reason of their nature, are, inseparably mixed with other elements, (f) contracts where the consumer has requested a special visit from the supplier for the purpose of carrying out urgent repairs or maintenance work. If, in the event of such a visit, the supplier provides services in addition to those specifically requested by the consumer or goods in excess of the spare parts necessarily used in the course of maintenance or repairs, the right of withdrawal applies to such additional services or goods.

Return Form (Required to fill in before sending the return)

  1. Our Company takes every possible measure to ensure that all products (regardless of their species) are packaged specifically and carefully to reach you without damage. Also, our Company knows that fragile and / or sensitive species are among its products and therefore takes all necessary measures (in cooperation with its suppliers and transporters) to send these items in special packaging protect them completely against any damage during transport and / or storage. For the products manufactured by us, we are committed to the quality guarantee that accompanies our every creation. In very rare cases, however, you may receive a Supplier’s / Dealership’s product with a defect. For the replacement and the product repair of any kind, the Supplier / Delegate itself is responsible. For your better service, the Company undertakes the transportation and receipt for repair of products to and from the Supplier / Dealership, in which case you will be charged for the shipping costs. For this reason, and irrespective of your above-mentioned right of withdrawal, which is unaffected, we invite you to check the products upon receipt. It goes without saying that the Company does not bear any responsibility for any harm and damage to the products after their use and under no circumstances is it required to be replaced.
  2. If you receive the product without expressing a specific reservation, it means that you have received the product from our company unreservedly. However, if you find that there is a fault or a defect in the product, you can contact us by e-mail us at [email protected] or by calling +302710-226340.
  3.  If the product you received is proven to be defective from its construction then you can ask for it to be replaced with the same or another product of your choice or the non-interest reimbursement of the money paid, insomuch that the product you wish to replace is not available, under the condition that you will send the relevant electronic command and the product within 14 days of receipt.


    In the event that the product you received wishes to be changed for any other reason for which the consumer is responsible, in consultation with the store and as long as you complete the return form, we can serve your order by replacing it with another product of your choice In case you do not want another product, we can proceed with an interest-free refund of the money paid under the following conditions 
    1) that you will send the relevant electronic order and the product no later than within 14 days of receipt 
    2) You will be charged with the one-off amount of € 30 (Thirty euros) which is the cost of the total transport and return of the product (management costs - packaging - Security - shipping and return with the cooperating Courier). We remind you that during your order the shipping of the products is free within Greece.

  1. The manufacturer of each product you buy is responsible for any damage caused by a defect in its product. Any agreement restricting or exempting the producer from his liability is void. Claims against the producer for damage are forfeited three years after the loss-making person has been informed or should have been informed of the damage, defect and identity of the producer. Ten years after the release of the product concerned, the rights of the loss-making party against the producer are extinguished.
  2. Any durable consumer goods shall be accompanied by a written guarantee from the manufacturer of the product or the company that imported the product into the EU or the company affixing its trademarks as a manufacturer (hereinafter referred to as "the Supplier") to the product. Please pay particular attention to the terms of the warranty provided by the Supplier as well as to the other accompanying documents and particulars which, under the Supplier's responsibility, are included in the products and in particular those relating to the safe use and maintenance of the products. We particularly emphasize the following:
  3. The supplier is required to provide the consumer in writing, in Greek / English or with internationally established symbols, with clear and complete instructions for the safe use, preservation, maintenance and full use of the product and information on the risks during use and maintenance .
  4. The guarantee must include, in simple, legible and comprehensible wording in Greek / English, at least the name and address of the guarantor, the product to which the guarantee relates, its exact content, duration and extent its territorial validity. The guarantee must be in accordance with the rules of good faith and not be denied by excessive exceptions clauses. The duration of the warranty must be reasonable in relation to the probable life of the product. The probably life of the product is the reasonably foreseeable time for the product to be used in accordance with its intended purpose, even after repair or replacement of spare parts, until the wear and tear of the regular use renders the product useless or the further use economically unprofitable. If a defect occurs on the product during the warranty period and the supplier denies or slows the repair beyond the time it takes, the consumer is entitled to request the replacement of the product with new features and quality or if it is not repaired to request a withdrawal from the contract. The Company is not in any way responsible for the repair of the product requiring a component or replacement that will be purchased specifically for this repair and its Supplier may not be immediately available after having notified the consumer of the time of delivery by its Supplier. Breach by the Supplier of its obligations does not affect the validity of the warranty that the consumer may invoke and require the Supplier to comply with it. In case of replacement of the product or its spare part, the warranty is automatically renewed for the entire duration of the new product or the spare part.
  5.  In addition to and beyond warranty, the Supplier of new durable consumer goods must ensure that consumers continually provide technical services for their maintenance and repair for a period equal to their probable life. In addition, the Supplier must ensure that consumers are able to supply spare parts and other products required for their intended use for the entire probable life of their products.
  6. Subject to the above provisions, the Company, provided it is a Supplier of a product as defined above, will provide you with all possible assistance to fulfill the Supplier's warranty terms without charge. This regardless of non-warranty service, which we can provide you with the applicable charge.
  7. Finally, the Company has all the obligations set out in the Civil Code for the seller. Especially in case of a defect of the product we sell at you, you can (a) request its repair without any charge or replacement with another unless this is impossible or requires disproportionate costs (b) request a reduction of the price and (c)  withdraw, unless it is an insignificant actual defect. The above obligations do not exist if the defect is caused by you, or by force majeure in a narrow or a broad sense. In any case, the products must be accompanied by the necessary legalization documents and receipts. These obligations are in any case interrupted within two years.

It is possible to cancel your order in the following cases:

  1. Before sending the product: Cancellation is possible by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or by telephone to call center +302710-226340.
  2.  Upon receipt of the product: You may exercise your right to cancel within 14 calendar days as described above, in accordance with clause 10.1.

Payment via Credit Card: The online store of the Company accepts all Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Citibank credit cards. If you have selected the credit card as a method of payment, the process will take place and completed through our trusted partner - a banking institution that provides all the security of electronic transactions. Credit Card Clearance is executed through two different banking systems (a) Bank Eurobank and (b) the VivaPayments Licensed Payment Institution, with the redirect method that ensures maximum security of your transactions.


Eurobank as a pioneer in electronic transactions and VivaPayments, as a payment institution licensed by the Bank of Greece, provides unique reliability and security. All stages of the card billing process are PCI-DSS certified, the globally recognized - but most mandatory - e-commerce certification standard.

Ensuring Privacy of Transmission of Data

In order to ensure the confidentiality of the transfer of credit card data to its customers, VivaPayments uses the EV SSL-128bit encryption protocol, in cooperation with company Thawte, which specializes in transaction security. Under this protocol, confidential data is stored in encrypted form only in its systems, without direct internet connection and encrypted to the co-operating Banks.

Controlled Access

Access to Eurobank and VivaPayments systems is controlled by Firewalls, which prohibits access to systems and databases with confidential data. For maximum data protection and as required by the PCI-DSS standard, Eurobank VivaPayments uses state-of-the-art malware detection systems (IntrusionDetection and Denial of Service Protection Systems). At the level of physical access, VivaPayments hosts all of its infrastructure on a certified PCI-DSS datacenter of the UK's Rackspace (Level 1 Certified Services Provider), which is 24x7 electronically supervised by ObrelaSecurityIndustries. All systems have followed a strict hardening process, consistent with the PCI-DSS standards.

  1. Before your order is confirmed, your credit card will be pre-authorized with a commitment of the total amount (price and any agreed costs, for example, transportation) in order to make the corresponding commitment of the product (s) that we will send you. For certain credit cards that the pre-approval is not technically feasible at this stage will result the final charge of the total amount. If a problem with your pre-registration occurs at the confirmation of your order, then the Company will contact you in one of the above ways in order to communicate with you on this issue. If none of the intended ways of contact with you becomes available for any reason within 10 days of sending your order request, your request will be automatically canceled and you will have to send a request again to us. In this case, you will be sent a relevant cancellation message to your order request at the email address you have submitted to us. In case of successful approval, the final charge of your card is by sending the products to you.
  2.  If, at any point, even after any dispatch to you of the product you have ordered, even if this pre-approval has been obtained, by mistake and / or due to a technical or other problem and / or for any other reason and cause your card has not been permanently charged at the relevant cost and expense, our Company has the right to make a final charge of the amount and costs that corresponds at your order executed at any later stage, in any time point. With your final billing you will be sent a message to your email address and / or to the mobile phone you have provided.

If you choose to pay by credit card, you must be present when you receive your order with your credit card and your identity. In case the order is made in the data and on behalf of a company then the credit card you use is corporate. That is, it has been issued to the relevant company. Also on delivery the authorized holder must be present with the credit card and his / her identity card.

Purchase with installments: You can buy products in installments via your credit card in the environment of EUROBANK. EUROBANK supports interest-free installments for almost all credit cards issued by Greek banks. If a credit card supports interest-free installments, the option will automatically appear on the payment form.

Payment upon receipt of your order at your place (cash on delivery): If you have chosen the cash on delivery as your payment method, then you will have to pay the corresponding price (and any agreed costs such as transportation) upon receipt of the product by the carrier of our choice. Depending on the type of merchandise and the amount of that value, there is a possibility that a portion of the order's value may be claimed in advance if it is deemed necessary by the customer service department.

Bank account deposit: If you have selected your bank deposit as your payment method, then you will have to discount your order (and any agreed charges such as transportation) in order to initiate the process of elaborating your order request and the commitment of the products contained therein by us, in one of our Company accounts appearing on the order form and in the email you receive as soon as your order is processed, quoting your order code. You will then have to send us a copy of this deposit either by fax, at +302710-226305 or by e-mail at [email protected]. . After receiving a valid copy of the total amount, we follow the process of elaborating and order confirming and we will contact you by any appropriate means (ex. email, telephone, fax, text message to any mobile number provided) according to your personal information that you have indicated to us. If we do not receive a copy within 2 business days, or if we do not receive a valid copy of your deposit, your order will be canceled without compensation and the sales contract will be deemed to have never been established. You will be sent a relevant cancellation message to your order request as above. In the event of cancellation or modification of your order until the product (s) is shipped, an interest-free refund procedure will be followed by contacting you with one of the above mentioned ways of contacting in order  to give us the bank account number to which you wish to make the deposit. Please note that for all of the above payment and delivery methods in your area, the Company is not responsible for any reason (ex product damage when opening the package etc) if the product is received by another person than the one who made the order.

  1. By confirming your order you will be informed by e-mail and / or by any other appropriate mean that you have indicated to us and at the time of delivery of your products according to the area you have chosen to send the products to you.
  2.  In any case, your order will be sent to you by our Affiliated Carrier of our choice during working hours and days (Monday - Friday, 09: 00-19: 00). Based on the delivery schedule of our partner courier company, deliveries are as follows:

The transport companies are ACS, ELTA courier, Hellenic Post and DHL and delivery times are categorized as follows:

1. Within a city a working day.

2. Within region one or two working days.

3. Landing destinations one to two working days.

4. Island destinations one to three business days.

5. Affordable areas one to five business days.

A copy of the Travel Companion Card is sent to you by e-mail and / or by any other appropriate mean that you have indicated to us and at the time of delivery of your products so that you can be informed immediately about the progress of the delivery. Attention, in countries outside the European Union, you may need to contact your own customs authority.

In the case of ordering products marked "on order", the Company will inform you of the delivery schedule. Our Company and its partners take all necessary measures to deliver to you the products you have ordered in accordance with the above timetable. However, it is not responsible for any delays due to force majeure or to events beyond its control. Indicatively, it is not responsible for reasons of delivery delay due to delays in customs, intermediate loading / unloading places, strikes of vehicles or other strikes that affect the delivery of products to our Company's warehouses by our suppliers etc. In the event of any delays, our Company will make every effort to contact you with the information you have given it to inform you and consult with you about the new delivery or delivery of another product. In any case, according to Article 4b of Law 2251/94, "Unless the parties have agreed otherwise on the delivery time, the supplier delivers the goods by transferring the physical possession or control of the goods to the consumer without undue delay, but in any case within 30 calendar days of the conclusion of the contract. "

Although we have taken all reasonable care to inform you about the lack of availability of a product, however, there is a possibility of unexpected shortage or unavailability of the product (after your order has been confirmed). In this case, our Company will again make every effort to contact you using the communication methods listed above to inform you and consult with you about the new delivery or delivery of another product or the cancellation of the order without compensation for both parties and the non-interest reimbursement of the money that may have been paid within a reasonable time.

  1. Jurisdiction - Applicable Law: For any dispute that may arise with respect to the operation and use of our site, if the consensual settlement is not possible, the Courts of Tripoli are competent. For any dispute relating to the interpretation and application of these terms and conditions and any other matter relating to the use of our site, applicable law is Greek and European law.
  2. Invalidity of a term: If one of the above-mentioned terms is or becomes invalid, the other terms of this Convention shall not be affected.
  3. Interpretative term: Anywhere in the present case is a refund and / or credit to the client's account is always meant as interest-free.
  4.  Delay of exercise of rights: Any delay in the exercise by the parties (company and consumer) of part or all of the rights deriving from these terms does not result in a weakening or waiving of this right, which may be exercised at any time at a later stage and at the reasonable discretion of the beneficiary.