Exhibition “Maria Callas – Medea – Argonauts”

It was a great honor for us to participate, as supporters of the Arcadian worldwide acclaimed sculptor Nikos Floros, in the exhibition “Maria Callas – Medea – Argonauts”, which opened for the public at the historical bulding of the Geographical Company of Lisbon, Portugal. 

Our jewellery shop, through the award – winning Greek creator, offered the Prince of Portugal H. R. H. Dom Miguel De Braganca a compact silver disk, especially created for this occasion, with the royal crest of the De Braganca family engraved.

This present was given as a token of friendship between the people of the two countries, Greece and Portugal.

Exhibition on Environmental Management at the International Exhibition Center in Abu Dhabi

January 2019: Our company participated once again, as the main supporter of the internationally renowned sculptor Nikos Floros,in the exhibition held in Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates.

Our jewelry shop, during the exhibition presented a new handmade series of unique rings with Tanzanite and Diamonds.