Till Present

Our presence in the field of watch and jewellery began in 1960, when Vasilis Bantounas worked as a goldsmith for the first time next to distinguished craftsmen in Tripoli. In 1969 he is professionally self-employed and he creates his first personal lab in Hanjihristou Street. Then, in 1972, the store was moved to a more central point of the town, in Deligianni Street, where a wider and more stable customer base was created.


The store remained there for eleven years, after which it was transferred to 28 Ethnikis Antistaseos (back then, Konstantinou IB) street. So, since 1983 the store is located in the most commercial street in the town, where it operates until today.


In 1996 Nikos Bantounas, son of Vasilis, enters the jewellery industry by studying  jewellery design, manufacture  and diamond grading, continuing the family tradition.


In 2003, on the occasion of the twenty years of the operation of the shop in the same place, we proceeded to renovate it, adopting a new style both in terms of space configuration and choice of jewellery. Traveling in Greece and abroad, attending the most important jewellery-watch exhibitions and looking for the latest fashion trends, we managed to distinguish ourselves, offering the town qualitative and special choices according to its consumers.


Nearly a decade later, in May 2012, we moved to the next door shop, at number 30 in the same street. Our aim, in a larger and better place, is to ideally present the variety of our products, with our main concern being the best service for our customers, since in our new store we offer exclusive shops in shop and we represent as official partners many famous watch and jewellery brands.