Sponsorship with Asteras Tripolis FC started in the 2011-2012 season and continues until today. The common features of our cooperation are the parallel vision we share: Asteras constantly upgrades the sport and culture of the town we live in and we mark and upgrade the representation of luxury and timelessness of objects of great emotional value.

This is a long-range sponsorship, as the team competes in the Super League of Greek Football. Our advertising is thus shown both to the local community at the sports facilities of the team and in global level through television. Especially in recent years, that the team has represented Greece in Europe through the Europa League, our sponsorship has gained even more value. This promotional package includes three fixed signs with our brand name on in the stadium, an electronic type advertisement on the led board of the football ground, an audio advertising spot, and an entry in the printed magazine of the team.

In the context of our cooperation with Asteras Tripolis, our company has been awarded the most valuable players in the past few years:

The event named "BADOUNAS MVP" took place for the first time in the 2013-2014 season and continues until today. The philosophy of the competition is that our company awards the most valuable player of the team of ASTERAS TRIPOLIS in each season. 

The vote for the most valuable player is voted by the reporters covering the sports report and at the end of the year the prize is held in the field of our business, with the presence of friends, players and team management.